When is the draw of Euro 2020? When we learn group stage games and format explained

The 2020 European Championships are on the horizon – and fans will not have to wait long to find out what matches are in store.

A qualifying draws to a close, the groups are starting to take shape and we are starting to get a good idea of ​​what teams we will see in the final in June and July 2020.

So far, the teams have qualified for the finals are Belgium, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, and Ukraine.

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When is the draw of Euro 2020? When we learn group stage games and format explained
When is the draw of Euro 2020?

Group A has not been settled yet, with England, the Czech Republic and Kosovo competing for only two places.

Portugal is fighting with Serbia in Group B for second place, with Ukraine already qualified.

Northern Ireland has a real fight to play, as it leads Germany by three points with two games to play in Group C.

Only one point separates the Republic of Ireland from Switzerland and Denmark, all of which remain to be played in group D.

The chances of Wales moving up are down and Hungary, second in Group E, lost four points.

When is the Euro 2020 group stage draw?

The groups for the finals next summer will be drawn on Saturday 30th November in Bucharest at 6 pm (CET).

When is the draw of Euro 2020? When we learn group stage games and format explained
When we learn group stage games and format explained

Euro 2020 draw group stage format

The 24 teams will be divided into six groups of four, with the group winners, finalists and the top four teams, ranked third, in the round of 16.

Some parts of the draw have already been decided.

The teams below are all host countries in this year’s unusual pan-European format. All host teams are guaranteed to play two games at home.

If the two teams in the groups below are not qualified, the other will play three home games. This will be the case of Italy, who will play three matches at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome because Azerbaijan cannot qualify.

Group A Teams – Italy, Azerbaijan
Group B Teams – Russia, Denmark
Group C Teams – Netherlands, Romania
Group D Teams – England, Scotland
Group E Teams – Spain, Republic of Ireland
Group F Teams – Germany, Hungary

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