Exclusive Ramos – Bilbao the place for UEFA Euro Cup 2020

Defender Sergio Ramos believes that Bilbao will be the central part of UEFA EURO 2020. Sergio Ramos said the season would be special. First, with Real Madrid, we will fight for trophies on all fronts and then there is EURO 2020. Which is such an attractive goal to reach, one of my big personal goals for the upcoming season.

Playing for our country Spain is always something special. Playing with my Spanish teammates in San Mamés, a EURO group stage – provided we qualify – would be unbelievable. Personally, I cannot wait for the EURO next summer. Sports enthusiasts from around the world can purchase UEFA Euro Cup 2020 Tickets online to enjoy its stunning performances.

Bilbao the place for UEFA Euro Cup 2020
Bilbao the place for UEFA Euro Cup 2020

It could also be a record year for you, with the possibility of becoming the most capped player in Spain and getting a potential triple win in EURO.

Ramos said, I was fortunate enough to be part of the generation of amazing footballers who won everything. Euro 2008, World Cup and EURO 2012. These are very special tournaments that have brought real joy and incredible memories.

Now, if things go wrong and the national coach selects me, it is possible that I beat the record of selections for the Spanish national teams. On top of that, there is the ambition to win the EURO 2020. However, I do not think of a triple-crown potential, but only to give everything to the team and aim high, because we can win against any opponent and win this trophy.

EURO 2020 looks like a very interesting tournament, with matches all over Europe and hopefully, with Spain playing two group matches in Bilbao. Ramos talk about it and share, it will be a very special tournament, with so many host cities spread all over Europe.

Exclusive Ramos - Bilbao the place for UEFA Euro Cup 2020
Exclusive Ramos – Bilbao the place for UEFA Euro Cup 2020

Romas said “anyone who has played or watched football there knows it’s a very special stadium in a city that loves football. I am sure that the fans will receive a warm welcome and that there will be a fantastic atmosphere in Bilbao during the tournament and especially, if the qualifications allow, for our matches.”

It sounds really promising, is not it! Participating in any tournament of the EURO, just for your country, is always a real honor. But doing it at this EURO will be even more special.

The prospect of being able to enjoy these two group games in Bilbao and to be able to play in other ultramodern European stadiums. San Mamés will be incredible getting to Wembley would also be incredible, for the semifinals and the final.

Wembley is a legendary stadium, a field on which I have not played enough. By arriving there, it would mean a potentially brilliant season.

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