EURO Cup 2020: Best under the radar BETS

It is hard to believe that Euro 2020 will be in less than a year. It only seems like yesterday that the 2018 World Cup ended (in tears for England) and another campaign is about to unfold. Sports enthusiasts from around the world can purchase Euro Cup Tickets online to enjoy its stunning performances.

The next edition of Euro 2020 will attract additional interest because of the unique format set up for the 60th edition of the tournament. Euro 2020 will bring together a record 24 teams competing in 12 cities in Europe from 12 June to 12 July 2020. The semi-finals and final will be at Wembley Stadium. This is the first time that England has been organizing Euro matches since 1996.

EURO Cup 2020: Best under the radar BETS
EURO Cup 2020: Best under the radar BETS

The qualification for Euro 2020 is also unique, with most countries ready to qualify through the usual channels, but four to get a second chance thanks to the UEFA League of Nations.

Given the growing number of teams and the new format, all this makes it interesting for sports betting. So we thought you were going to offer some of the best bets on the radar one year after Euro 2020.

England wins Euro 2020

Admittedly, England is not so discreet that we know that she is the second favorite Euro 2020 bets, but does anyone really think that will happen? Here are the last champions of the Betway Euro 2020 ranking: France, 4.50, England, 5.50, Belgium, 8.00, Germany and Spain, 9.00, Netherlands, 12.00.

As you approach the tournament, you can be sure that Germany and Spain will strengthen, which will bring England to relax. And that would make England a sub-radar bet.

EURO Cup 2020: Best under the radar BETS
EURO Cup 2020: Best under the radar BETS

Scotland will qualify for Group I

It will never be so easy to qualify for a tournament in Euro. With 24 teams in contention, UEFA has decided to award 20 places to the top two teams in each of the 10 groups. This means that there are no more playoffs for teams that do not qualify directly.

Scotland currently ranks third in their group, with 6 points out of 4 games. Belgium, 12 points, will probably win the group, but Russia, 9 points are vulnerable (and the Scots have already beaten at home). Will Scotland finish in the top two? This is unlikely, but Betfair’s 100/1 odds to Scotland to qualify in Group I are far too generous to ignore.

Switzerland wins the euro 2020

History has shown that even if the World Cup is always won by big countries, anything can come in euros. Denmark won Euro 1992, Greece 2004 and several minnows are close to winning in 2016. Therefore, it would be foolish not to look at the potential underdogs Euro 2020 bets – and Switzerland deserves to be examined.

EURO Cup 2020: Best under the radar BETS
EURO Cup 2020: Best under the radar BETS

The Swiss have built well in recent years. They finished second in their group at the 2018 World Cup after holding Brazil in a 1-1 draw and were unlucky to be eliminated in the round of 16.

Similarly, they finished second in their group at Euro 2016 and were unlucky. Loser on penalties in semi-finals for Poland. The Swiss still have their core of players and could easily make a surprise next year.

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