Euro 2020 – Yarik did not leave the national team, but he was kicked out

About six months ago, we shared the joy with our readers that it became easier to breathe fresh air arrived in the lungs, shoulders straightened. Indeed, at that time for almost 7 months in the national team of Ukraine was not Yaroslav Rakitsky.

In two paragraphs written from the bosom of an enemy country, Yarik made a bunch of system errors. No wonder, because he never differed in intelligence. Football fans can book Ukraine Euro Cup Tickets on our website on exclusively discounted prices.

Euro 2020 – Yarik is a very intelligent player and important part of the team

And then it is useless to him personally or his personal fans to explain something, but you need to summarize the medical history in order to avoid it in the future. Big football has become big politics, football has always been it. Big sport is a reflection of the processes taking place in society. Only stupid or hypocrites blindly continue to share these things.

“It is fear that guides the people who send invitations to the national team”

If there was no resonance associated with the name of Yaroslav Rakitsky among journalists, Andrei Shevchenko, and his assistants/leaders/ associates would be tempted to continue to invite a person to the national team who should not be there on ideological terms. 

Euro 2020 – Yarik did not leave the national team, but he was kicked out

Public outcry, not fear. Although it is not surprising that Yarik confuses concepts. After all, where he lives and works at the present time, the concept of public resonance, if it exists, does not have any influence. It is suppressed by the fear of being a victim of a dictatorial regime.

Therefore, we are proud that we added, perhaps, only one drop to this sea of ​​public resonance, but this is enough to bring a tear to our asset – it was not without reason that we worked during it.

“You are not appealing to the skills of football mastery ”

These are already echoes of school mathematics lessons, which Yarik obviously skipped. Otherwise, I could have counted the number of goals conceded by the Ukrainian team without participating in the Euro 2020 qualification and would have come up with a simple result.

The defense of the Ukrainian team is one of the best in Europe. Fortunately this defense does not work like the defense of “Zenith”, led by Yarik in the Champions League.

Euro 2020 qualifiers – Defense of Ukraine team does not work like the defense of Zenith as led by Yarik in the Champions League.

And now we can state joy as a stable state of mind – the disease has been completely overcome, the diagnosis will remain only on paper. The recovery process progressed and reached its peak, a point of no return at the right time before the 2020 Euro Cup, where we will be represented by a good team.

And in vain the virus lurked, entered the phase of remission, preparing to infect the cells of the recovering organism again. The plan did not work. And even the last attack, already carried out in convulsions from the powerful action of drugs, can cause diarrhea, but not a general weakening of the body.

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