Euro 2020 qualifiers – Why Wales can be a Euro 2020 force

Wales got a big success by reaching the Euro 2020 next summer. It is looking that due to good performances Wales can be a Euro 2020 force. Football fans can book Wales Euro Cup Tickets on our website on exclusively discounted prices.

Criticism from the fans

The above, of course, is accomplishment enough. But to do it against a backdrop of so much cynicism, criticism, and scepticism from a section of the Welsh fan base, makes the success story even more rewarding for Giggs. To be fair, the silent majority who backed Giggs probably always outweighed the detractors in numbers.

Euro 2020 qualifiers – Gareth Bale plays with a lot of emotions during Euro 2020

But in an age of social media, those who were vehemently against his appointment certainly made their opinions known. The Anyone But Giggs hashtag which reverberated around social media demonstrated the FA of Wales’ number one choice for the job wasn’t everybody else’s cup of tea.

Question marks about Giggs’ lack of experience, and doubts raised about his managerial credentials, were perfectly reasonable football arguments. But they were drowned by ridiculous charges leveled against him getting the job, which included accusations he didn’t care about Wales, played for Team GB, is really English, never performed well for his country and was only a corporate appointment.

No-one wants him, it was alleged.

I’m sure Giggs was also probably blamed for a mix of Brexit, climate change and scientists’ inability to find a cure for the common cold at one point, but hey when you’re in the firing line as a manager. Even recently, many continued to insist Giggs was doomed to failure, dubbing him tactically inept.

Euro 2020 qualifiers – Gareth Bale and his team mates climbed the mountain of qualifiers

Fans criticized him for focusing too much upon Salford City and ambassadorial work he does in Vietnam, at the supposed expense of his day job with Wales. Asked if he had won over the cynics in the immediate aftermath of Tuesday night’s win, Giggs smiled: “I hope so!”

He knows he can do no more than win games and qualify. Even his most ardent critics, whose concerns, to be fair, centered around their fanaticism to see Wales succeed, would concede humble pie has never tasted sweeter than it does this morning.

Giggs ticks boxes for the FAW on and off the pitch. He opens doors, and financial opportunities for Welsh football, simply because he is Ryan Giggs. Hence the initial ‘corporate appointment’ worries. But he has backed that up with what matters most, qualifying for a tournament.

Euro 2020 qualifiers – Wales is at the top of Pot 4 for the draw

Aiding the dream of FAW chief Jonathan Ford of having the Wales branding on the bedroom wall of every youngster in the country. An ambitious ask, but with Giggs as manager and Bale as captain Ford’s mantra has more of a chance. Nothing can take away the unique achievements of Wales under Coleman.

His team of largely Premier League regulars coming together at the right time gave us unprecedented highs. But the FAW hierarchy knew after World Cup failure that the dressing room needed a fresh voice, new ideas and possibly different personnel.

They gave Giggs free rein, probably expected evolution rather than revolution, but what we saw was a single-minded and ruthless approach from the new manager who pretty much ripped things up and started again. Amidst the changing of the guard, whenever you speak to Giggs he emphasizes the importance of the experienced players.

Euro 2020 qualifiers – Sam Vokes, Ashley Williams, Gareth Bale and Tyler Roberts secure their place at Euro 2020

He stresses he doesn’t just want it to be about the teenagers and early TwentySomethings. Team camaraderie, that sort of thing. He did so again in the immediate aftermath of Hungary, explaining the senior stars will still have a huge role to play at the Euros.

Yet of the Coleman regulars who are approaching 30 or above, only Bale, Ramsey, Joe Allen, and Wayne Hennessey remain in the starting XI. If anything, that Fab Four have been re-energized by the young guns around them. Ramsey seemed to love being the master amongst the pupils against Hungary.

He produced the finest performance we have witnessed by any Wales midfielder. There is a zip, swagger, panache, and intent about this Wales team we haven’t seen from previous sides.

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